Addiction, Heart beat, Patient interactions

Cardiac Confessions


Me: Tell me what brings you here.

Patient: My heart! It keeps on racing!  The last three days it has been like a Hummingbird. I cannot even catch my breath.

Me: Okay we will do an EKG. Have you done anything different?

Patient: No, it reminds me of when I did…well you know the 80’s

Me: Did drugs?

Patients: Yeah I used to do the white stuff…

Me: Ok

Patient: The nose candy

Me: Got it

Patient: Rhymes with Locaine.

Me: Yes, I understand

Patient:  I have never admitted this to anyone. Feels good. I wasn’t a crackhead or nothing.

Me: No judgment from me.

Patient: Good, because I did cocaine 3 days ago.

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