Patient interactions, Weird ideas

New York Rap Battle


Me:  So your stress test is abnormal. I recommend a cardiac cath for definitive diagnosis. Have you ever seen a cardiologist before?

Patient (who is a 60+ white male): Naw, my doctor home said I was fine but that was years ago.

Me: We can request the records. Where is home?

Patient: (starts rapping like Grand Master Flash but not making eye contact with me) “New York, New York big city of dreams. But everything in New York aint always what it seems.”

(Keeps going through whole verse despite my frightened look because he is not looking at me)

Finally finishes, awkward pause

Me:  Um yeah, so what is previous doctor’s name?

Patient: I think I have his business card at home.

If you are unfamiliar with the song listen to it here

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