Elderly, Loneliness

He won’t text me back….


Patient: It will be one year tomorrow since we moved here from up North. So many changes…but we still think it was a good decision.

Me: Really? That is nice. Does the rest of your family still leave up there?

Patient: Yes, it is the reason why we moved here. Our only son and I had a falling out 5 years ago after I handed my business of 35 years to him. It was hard being so close yet so far.

Me: Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

Patient: I saved the last text he ever sent me. (Shows me an expletive laced text).

Me: Have you told him about your diagnosis and that you decided on hospice?

Patient: I am frighten that he won’t care enough to text me back. The thought of my son not caring that I am dying is scarier than dying.


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