Let’s make a deal


Me: So tell me about the chest pain.

Patient: It started when I was doing laundry.  I got a squeeze in my chest, the pain moved to my left arm. I got dizzy and sweaty.

Me: Wow that is frightening! Do you have high blood, pressure, high cholesterol, do you smoke?

Patient: All that and my only sitter died 5 months ago from a heart attack. I went to a cardiologist a year ago and he said that I need a cath. The pain is so bad. I need an oxy or something.

Me: Oh I am sorry…Wait a minute, when I walked in you were on the phone. You told me that you were talking to your sister…

Patient: (angry face) Let’s cut the @#$% are you going to help me?

Me: No need to speak like this. I want to help.

Patient: Then give me a script for an oxy and I will leave. You will never see me again.

Me: No deal



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