Patient interactions

Hurricane Preparedness

Patient: Middle aged patient in excellent health. No medical history. Presented to ER 3 days before Hurricane Irma was expected our area with complaint of chest pain.


Me: When did the symptoms start? What were you doing?

Patient: About 4 hours ago. I was calling around for someone to put up my storm shutters. I got nowhere finding any help. Then the chest pain started.

Me: Yes, that can be frustrating. I wanted you to know that the tests all came back negative. You ECG is perfect and you are chest pain free now. It seems more anxiety than heart attack. You will follow up with our office in a few weeks.

Patient: Ok but you can’t discharge me. I ain’t leaving.

Me: (looks around room and sees blankets and pillows, games, clothes and food for several days) Oh! You do not have a plan for Irma.

Patient: No, I do have a plan. I am staying here!


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