Heart beat, Patient interactions, Weird ideas

Try to look past the bigotry….


New consult in emergency room this morning. Middle aged male.

Me: So why did you decide to switch cardiologists?

Patient: A friend told me about the practice.

Me: But you are in the process of getting on the heart transplant list….changing doctors will definitely slow the process. This is a matter of life or death.

Patient: Well, listen. I only want White, American, Jewish doctors. Like I did growing up. (Note: patient was not Jewish)

Me: Wow just out there huh?……(collecting thoughts) well the doctor is not Jewish

Patient: That’s fine, just as long he ain’t another Indian like the last group.

Me: Well the last group just saved your life twice and began the tedious job of setting you up with a heart transplant. You should be grateful.

Patient: It can’t be that hard.

Me: Ok I got enough information. (Leaves room)

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