Funny, Patient interactions

Auld Lang Syne



Me: So tell me what happened.

80 year old Patient: I passed out last week! I do not know what happened. My sister suggested I see my cardiologist. I am so scared, I think my heart stopped.

Me: Oh no! We need to get to the bottom of this.

Patient’s 85 year old husband: (closes newspaper that he was reading) That’s the problem. She got to the BOTTOM of several wine bottles at a New Year’s eve party and can’t remember a thing. I had to drag her out of there after she fell on her butt on the dance floor and she was verbally abusive to me on the drive home until she passed out on the sofa at 3 am. Then she woke up the next afternoon hung over and cooked up this story about blacking out with her equally lushy sister. (Goes back to reading newspaper)

Patient: (Embarrassed and staring at the floor.) I like my version of the story better.

Me: I bet you do.

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