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I Just Gotta Be Free!


Me: (speaking to patient) So have you begun going to the adult day center?

Patient: (pouting) Yes, they send me to the “babysitters”

Patient’s daughter: (frustrated) No

(Patient and daughter now arguing loudly in foreign language)

Patient’s daughter: (talking to me) She went three days and will not go back. Well I think they don’t want her either.

Patient: (interupts)  I can’t be free there!!!

Patient’s daughter: (visibly upset)  She won’t go back because she can’t FART freely while she plays bingo. People complained and I know she did it all on purpose.

Patient: I can’t hold in the farts! (Points to daughter) Your food is so bad! It’s your fault!

Me: Ok, so I am sorry I asked.   Um, how is your blood pressure log?




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