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Why do you want to be an NP?

Florence Nightingale wants to know! It seems like every single nurse I know is in nurse practitioner school (extra drama statement). Every...Single...One.  In fact, just this week, 4 RNs have approached me to tell the exciting news that they have begun the road towards being an NP.  I now know exactly what to say to… Continue reading Why do you want to be an NP?

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Gone Toilet Fishin’

Image: Pixabay Patient: I don't think my blood pressure medication is working. Me: Why do you think that? The blood pressure log you brought in was perfect! Patient: But I found full pills in my poop! They are not dissolving!!! I don't need the medication. Me: That's completely normal. It's called the GITS delivery system,… Continue reading Gone Toilet Fishin’